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Natasha Johnston

Sustainable Development and Mineral Resources Administrator | Gold Fields Pty Ltd


With strengths in administrative procedures, customer service, and emergency service, Natasha M. Johnston assumed a position as sustainable development and mineral resources administrator for Gold Fields Proprietary Limited in 2009. Hardworking and self-motivated, she has established a skill set for records management, emergency management, administration, and occupational health. Proficient in Microsoft Office and Excel programs, Ms. Johnston creates monthly and daily reports regarding safety to streamline processes and procedures. She possesses excellent interpersonal and analytical skills, which assist her in exhibiting exemplary customer service in the mining industry. Drawing on her educational background, which includes various safety certifications, Ms. Johnston monitors emergency services and safety, and greets visiting customers. She feels it is her hard work and determination that have assisted her in becoming a success. Understanding the importance of professional collaboration, Ms. Johnston intends to network with other professionals in the mining industry in the coming years.

Outside of work, Ms. Johnston volunteers her time with the St. Johns Ambulance Foreign Fire and Rescue.

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